Someone who knows what he wants -Sports Volunteering in South Africa

I do like someone who knows what he wants and once decided, goes for it.  I received an email yesterday around the middle of the day from Nick enquiring about sports coaching in South Africa.  To cut a long story short, within a few hours he was booked on a flight this Friday, arriving to start on this Saturday 15th January for a 5-week placement!  No messing, just this is what I want, I book the placement, get the flight, and away I go!

A flurry of emails has been going back and forwards, not just between Volunteer Vacations and Nick but also with South Africa.  A kit list is always useful just to concentrate the mind when packing – I forgot to mention the head torch, my favourite, as I like to read in bed and previously in Africa have experienced lots of power cuts (mostly in Tanzania) but it is always good to be prepared.

I hope Nick will send us updates for the Blog – watch this space!



We send gap year students, university students, families, people on Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and people on career breaks to coach sports, teach and work in orphanages, work in marine conservation, primates conservation, land conservation, looking after rescued jungle animals, animal welfare, women's empowerment programs (sewing/fashions), men's empowerment programs (carpentry, plumbling, electrics, DIY), medical shadowing (doctors, nurses, midwives and dentists), after schools clubs, reaching out to underprivileged children and adults in South Africa, Kenya, Swaziland, Mozambique, Ghana, Ecuador and The Galapagos, Thailand and India. In Swaziland we offer bespoke rugby coaching placements with the charity Skrum where volunteers (18 ) can take their Level 1 rugby coaching certificate and then travel on to other placements and coach rugby. In India, the placements are suitable for families and undeer 18's are accepted providing they are accompanied by an adult. India is also suitable for Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. We also offer building renovation and reconstruction in India in July. India placements can be from 2 to 12 weeks.
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