Bethany Neave – 4th day – Linda’s Birthday!

This was a more relaxed day and it was Linda’s birthday!

I woke up a little later at about 7:30. I had a very good night’s sleep and was feeling much better than the last day. (So just to repeat always take Malaria tablets before food and NEVER after!).

When I was all dressed it was time for morning cup of tea when Malindi, Wilson and Naomi had arrived. After this, we were able to talk about the plan for the up and coming week. For the rest of the morning it was spent ringing round to confirm with schools if they wanted siphos painted on the outside and booking coaching sessions. Naomi was particularly keen in getting me involved with the up and coming women’s and girls’ rugby in Swaziland schools. This sounded very exciting and I have donated a Tavistock Girl rugby top as a prize for the woman of the match on the 6th October.

Throughout the morning plans were also being made for the up and coming National test match against Botswana. I have only been here for a little bit but the news of the National match is already spreading fast. As well as this, the Sipho logo that we painted on the school yesterday is on so many other schools.   You see them most places you go and really stand out from a far.

After Linda had arrived home from work at about 1:30, we got ready to go and then Naomi dropped us to a little shopping mall outside Mbabane. We then walked to a newly opened Chinese restaurant and I meet about 7 of Linda’s close friends and they were all lovely. The food was delicious and I had a diced chicken dish with some spring rolls. After this, the wine was flowing and Linda received some gorgeous presents including some beautiful jewellery, stunning plants to add to the garden and other lovely books. Linda was completely decorated in all her gifts and looked very busy with all the new things worn at once. The conversation was rather girly and topics such as Fifty Shades of Grey and moon cups (NEVER EVER ask anyone what a moon cup is!) All the woman were very friendly and made me feel very welcome to their group.

After the meal and the very funny conversations, Linda’s friend Marilyn gave us a lift home and then came in to say hello to Michael and have a glass of wine. At about 9:00 another one of Linda’s friends Allison turned up to say hello and have some wine. Marilyn was from Mozambique and made me laugh a lot, Michael just took the piss the whole night and she did it back so it was very funny! She offered to take me horse riding while I am here which would be good fun. Allison was from Scotland and was a lovely lady and tried to drink Michael’s good wine… Big mistake! He is still going on about it today calling her the ‘bloody Scott!’ haha. After a lot more stories and debates they went home.

Once they had left, we continued to chat and a heard some very funny and very cringing stories about their life together. I was pretty merry at this point and me and Michael decided that on a Sunday soon we would cook a Sunday dinner for Linda and Linda’s friends and this got us very excited! After watching a bit of car crash telly and saying one last Happy Birthday to Linda it was time for bed.

I did not take very many photos today but here is some photos of where I am staying.

Bethany Neave

(Bethany is doing a volunteer placement with the charity SKRUM in Swaziland.  The placement involves rugby coaching to schools and the community, AIDS education, painting of the charity logo on the outside of schools and generally being part of the team and getting involved in all aspects of running this charity.)
0044 1483 331551/ 0044 7833 208 158



We send gap year students, university students, families, people on Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and people on career breaks to coach sports, teach and work in orphanages, work in marine conservation, primates conservation, land conservation, looking after rescued jungle animals, animal welfare, women's empowerment programs (sewing/fashions), men's empowerment programs (carpentry, plumbling, electrics, DIY), medical shadowing (doctors, nurses, midwives and dentists), after schools clubs, reaching out to underprivileged children and adults in South Africa, Kenya, Swaziland, Mozambique, Ghana, Ecuador and The Galapagos, Thailand and India. In Swaziland we offer bespoke rugby coaching placements with the charity Skrum where volunteers (18 ) can take their Level 1 rugby coaching certificate and then travel on to other placements and coach rugby. In India, the placements are suitable for families and undeer 18's are accepted providing they are accompanied by an adult. India is also suitable for Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. We also offer building renovation and reconstruction in India in July. India placements can be from 2 to 12 weeks.
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