VOLUNTEER BLOG IN SWAZILAND: Bethany Neave in Swaziland – Mosaic Day – 14th day

Today was a Saturday and due to the up and coming National match, Michael went off early in the morning to coach the team for the last time before the match.  I was given the option of coming with him or staying with Linda.   Michael suggested that  with all the testosterone during the training and there would not be a lot for me to do,  so I should stay with Linda.

Every second Saturday,  Linda has a mosaic workshop she does at the house for people to come to. People come, pick what they want to mosaic and then for the whole day just get on with it while chatting and having some lunch half way through the day.  There were about 7 other ladies there this Saturday and they were a rather funny bunch.  I really enjoyed looking at what everyone else was starting or working on. Someone had made a wine box for the wine dispenser which was stunning.  A lot of tables were being made with lots of different colours and styles.

It was such a good experience and some of the ladies were even mosaicking things like tables which I thought were a really good project. However, with my luggage limit being not too high and the space issue, I choose some wording that said ‘Peace’.  I choose this  because itwas Linda’s company she created and is called “Peace from Pieces,” also it was lightweight and I could picture it in my kitchen at home.  My kitchen is very plain white with bursts of colour all over the place so I chose bright colours and little things like cupcakes as decoration.

I am very happy with the result and had a lot of fun doing it.  It took me so long to decide what I was going to do as Linda’s workshop is just full of amazing colours and things to do so it did take some time to finally choose.

The conversation for the day was very mixed going from what they were making and why, to all the way to love affairs and naughtiness by other woman they knew.  Swaziland has a lot of gossip and is very funny gossip to!

Near the end of the day when most people were nearly done with what they were doing Marilyn turned up and all made us laugh a lot.  She offered to help out on Sandy’s piece as she was working to deadline and had to finish today.

Once all the ladies had gone, it was time to relax, Michael and Linda told me that they had to say they were going out later on or some the ladies would have been here till gone 11.  We had dinner and continued the drinking from lunch.  We started off on wine and this then lead to Don Pedro’s. Don Pedro’s are ice cream with whiskey blended to make a thin milkshake consistence.  However, they come with a very big warning, because they are so nice and creamy and tasty you do not really think it could make you that drunk, however you would be wrong!

After this, we decided to go outside with blankets and chairs and Linda and Michael shared there ribbon tree with me. They said that on the full moon, which it was that night you could tie ribbons to the dress and make a many wishes as you like as long as they are not selfish.  I made about 7 wishes and it really did relax and bring peace to me.  While we were sat outside Linda lit some candles and it was just a magical evening.  Just saying though careful where you place your feet as due to wine I did fall over a few times.

As the evening continued and the funny stories came out more and more, I really saw the great lifestyle that Linda and Michael had and how a positive attitude and thought really is the best way to be.

It was getting a lot colder as the night went on so we returned indoors and to my surprise Michael brought out a bottle of apple sours and we did shots! After plenty of shots and my relief to remember that it was Sunday tomorrow and I didn’t have to get up early I went to bed.

Bethany Neave

(Bethany is in Swaziland doing a volunteer placement with the charity SKRUM which involves rugby coaching, painting the charity’s logo on the outside of schools, AIDS education and being part of the team and  getting involved in all aspects of running this wonderful charity)

0044 1483 331551/  0044 7833 208 158

About www.volunteervacations.co.uk

We send gap year students, university students, families, people on Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and people on career breaks to coach sports, teach and work in orphanages, work in marine conservation, primates conservation, land conservation, looking after rescued jungle animals, animal welfare, women's empowerment programs (sewing/fashions), men's empowerment programs (carpentry, plumbling, electrics, DIY), medical shadowing (doctors, nurses, midwives and dentists), after schools clubs, reaching out to underprivileged children and adults in South Africa, Kenya, Swaziland, Mozambique, Ghana, Ecuador and The Galapagos, Thailand and India. In Swaziland we offer bespoke rugby coaching placements with the charity Skrum where volunteers (18 ) can take their Level 1 rugby coaching certificate and then travel on to other placements and coach rugby. In India, the placements are suitable for families and undeer 18's are accepted providing they are accompanied by an adult. India is also suitable for Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. We also offer building renovation and reconstruction in India in July. India placements can be from 2 to 12 weeks.
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